Our mission is to proclaim the Truth of Jesus Christ the Son of God in our community and beyond.


My name is Mladen Dominic and I’m a minister at Church of Christ in Varazdin, Croatia. I have been partnering with the Holland Park Church of Christ in Greenville, South Carolina, in this effort since 1994. My wife, Renata, and I have four children - Rajan (20), Hana (18), Rahela (15) and Maja (7). In 1998 my family moved from Zagreb to the city of Varazdin where we started an evangelistic mission in the home of one local family. Over the years we have rented a few places in the city, until in 2008 we bought a house for the church meetings and activities. Two years ago the Lord blessed us with a special gift from heaven — a new building in a perfect location. It took us only four months to renovate the whole building. Our church family consists of forty people and we have numerous outreach activities including a Let’s Start Talking program,

an Alpha Course program, children and youth camps, evangelistic evenings as well as spring and summer camps. As a fruit from this gospel planting there were five baptisms last year, which is a lot in the Croatian churches. As a minister I have other responsibilities in God’s Kingdom in Croatia. I am very active in the fellowship of the Churches of Christ in Croatia. All the Churches of Christ have regular monthly meetings. This council is a registered association that offers the local churches rights and privileges before the national government (the league entity, the government is recognizing our weddings,…) We publish a Christian magazine, and we are also involved in a national Christian radio ministry. The Church of Christ in Varazdin also partners with Missions Resource Network as a Global Launch Site. My role in the MRN partnership is to serve in equipping and empowering Central European Christian leaders as they develop in their respective roles. I am currently active in this Kingdom effort in Slovenia, Albania, Serbia, Ukraine, Italy and Germany.  

We are encouraging every member of our church to use their gifts and their opportunities to glorify our heavenly Father.   Our goal is to become a Model church in spreading the gospel in our local area as well as in the northern part of Croatia.